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This page answers the most frequently asked questions about and the services we provide. As our website grows, your questions will help us best serve our audience.

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Who uses
How can I contact
How can I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
How can I change my email address with
Do universities in countries besides the U.S. and Canada use this service or is there another site where their postings are shown?


Before you Post your Announcement

How much do your job announcement posting services cost?
Why does it cost more for the e-flier options?
Do you accept purchase orders for payment for online advertising - posting of job announcements?
How does compare with other online job posting sites?
How soon after I create my job announcement will it be posted?
How many people visit your site?
I'm not sure which posting package is right for my particular situation. How do I decide?
Can the posting time be extended?
Is there a way to save a new job listing as I am working on them? I have had to restart each time I leave the site.
What date during the month is the eflier sent out?
Do I have to enter the job information myself, or can I email an attachment and have you post it for me?


Current Clients

How can I edit a current job posting?
How will I be billed for posting job announcements and what forms of payment does accept?
How do I change my Username or Password?
How do I browse potential applicants who have submitted their resumes to
I forgot my username and/or password. How to I get it?
We have a job announcement posted, but the position has been filled. How do we get the posting removed?


Job Applicants

How do I subscribe to your e-flier?
How do I search for jobs on your site?
How long will my resume be viewable on your website?
Can you post your resume under more than one discipline? If so, how?
How can I update my seeker profile/resume or change which e-flier I receive?
How do I apply for jobs I see advertised with
I forgot my username and/or password. How do I get it?


Free Academic Resources

Can I add my own links to your pages?


Who's Who in Higher Education

What is the Who's Who?
How was I selected for inclusion in the Who's Who?
How do I edit my information?
I don't know my username and/or password. How do I get it?
What if I don't want my information to be included in the Academic Keys Who's Who?



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